"As a fan, it’s sometimes inconceivable to imagine playing with your guitar heroes, but Chris Broderick makes it possible; whether you live in the same neighborhood or on a separate continent, you are now able to take lessons online over the internet.As a student under Chris now for 6 months, I have experienced lessons in person and online via webcam. I must admit that at first, I didn’t have a lot of confidence in the quality of an online lesson, but after one lesson I knew that I would now have the option of driving 2 hours to Los Angeles or doing the lesson from my own bedroom. Free messaging services such as AOL Instant Messenger or MSN Messenger (our choice for lessons) offer free video chat with surprising clarity. If you have a computer with high speed internet and a webcam (I bought mine for $10 from Staples with a built-in microphone) you have everything you need to take lessons – oh, a guitar helps too.A typical live guitar lesson with Chris usually goes as follows: I bring my electric guitar with me to his studio and plug into his practice amp, then bust out some paper to write notes with. We will discuss the previous lesson’s homework and if I have any problems or questions we can go over that.I usually try and have something in mind that I would like to learn more about before I come to a lesson, so that if Chris asks “Is there anything in particular you want to learn?” I will be prepared.

Chris is very patient and asks a lot questions, so as to listen to what I’m saying and determine how I’m progressing. I must say, Chris has a wealth of musical knowledge and ability far surpassing many people, but never acts as though he is superior to any person. I am usually sent home at the end of the lesson with at least a page or two of homework to work on until the next lesson.

An online lesson doesn’t differ that much from a live lesson; Chris is in front of his webcam with the camera mostly pointed at the fret board of the guitar and I position my camera in the same manner. We discuss any topics about last week’s lesson and then continue on with the current lesson. I generally take notes here as well, but Chris is also able to transfer electronic tablatures or music files that I can study"Whether you are a beginning guitar player, intermediate, or even advanced you can benefit from even one lesson of instruction from Mr. Broderick. My goals going into the lessons were to improve my music theory and guitar technique, and with Chris’ help I am able to take my playing to the next level. Thanks, Chris!"

Dan Spiteri
Santa Barbara, CA

"Being such a guitar novice I wasn’t sure what to expect before my first lesson with Chris but the first thing I learned is that no matter your skill level, he’ll treat you with the utmost respect and give you all the patience and understanding in the world. When you succeed he’ll give you the confidence you need and when you mess up, he’ll give you the encouragement you need to try again where other guitar teachers would lecture you down, and when you mess up that’s the last thing you want! I’d recommend these lessons to anyone without a doubt, I bought a cheap web cam ($25) and hoped for the best and seriously it’s just like Chris is sitting five feet away with his guitar instead of being across the country. & through interactive tab programs, demonstration, unbelievable patience & understanding, Chris has helped me greatly in becoming the guitar player I want to be."

Chris Cecchini
Woburn, Massachusetts

"As one of Chris's students when he lived in Denver I was really bumed out to learn that he was moving to California. So when he told me about the online lessons I was really happy that I didn't have to go through the hassle of finding a new teacher (and one with Chris's skill). I was really surprised at how easy It was to get started with the lessons and it was not awkward at all even though your sitting in front of a computer it still feels like your in a room with Chris. As a teacher Chris is very patient and well informed, he's not one of those teachers that puts a book in front of you and says let me know if you have problems.
Also Chris is skilled in so many styles that no matter what you want to learn he can teach it. All you need to get started is a webcam and powertab software. And it's very cool that I can continue lessons over the Internet with Chris at an affordable price"

Rob Garcia
Denver, Colorado

"I'd definitely say that my first lesson was all that I'd hoped it would be. I got started right away learning one of your crazed runs and a good refresher on modes and scales. The video connection worked fine, so I can't say there were any negatives, except for me being way nervous to play for one of my favorite guitarists ever"

Colin Ault
Brush Prarie, Washington

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