LESSONS - October 3rd 2011

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Experience: Having released four previous CDs, Chris is currently signed to Century Media Records and is working on a new release to be in stores the fall of 2004. He has toured North America and Europe for crowds up to 26,000. Chris has made the cover of magazines in Germany, Greece, and America and received reviews in publications around the world including Guitar World. This acclaim has given Chris the opportunity to endorse various products such as guitars and amplification systems such as Ibanez, Seymour Duncan, ENGL amplification, and DR strings.

Credentials : Chris has been playing guitar since he was eleven years old and has been teaching for the last 13 years. Styles range from Classical, Rock, Blues, and Jazz. He started taking lessons at 14 years of age studying guitar as well as voice, violin, and piano.

Chris has a degree in Classical Guitar music performance at the University of Denver and the Lamont School of Music. He has performed in many master classes including ones given by David Russell, Benjamin Verdery, and his primary instructor Ricardo Iznaola. In addition, Chris has taken classes such as Jazz improvisation, chord voicing, advanced music theory, and sight reading.

Teaching Concepts : Chris offers training in all musical methods including theory, ear training, sight-reading, guitar technique, & song performance. He evaluates the goals & objectives of his students & customizes lessons for each individual.

Payments : My payment policy is as follows. Lessons are half an hour once a week and are billed at the rate of Thirty-Five dollars per lesson. Payment is due in full on the final lesson of the month for the following month. For example, you will be paying for the entire month of February during the last lesson of January.

Cancellations : As a rule, I require 24 hours or more advance notice for you to receive credit for the cancellation of an appointment. Unfortunately, there can be no exceptions to this policy due to the fact that rent costs are still incurred by the instructor for the unused time.

No Shows : If you do not show up for an appointment, without calling before the 24 hour cancellation period, then you will still be charged for the time, as you are removing my ability to schedule another student in this time slot. If this becomes a chronic reoccurrence then your time slot will be given to another person.

Internet Lessons Are Now Available!

Chris Broderick is now offering real time Internet based lessons using Intant Messaging, and Powertab 1.7 (both of which are free downloadable software). Here is how it works, with the software installed and an internet camera with microphone attached, we will be able to communicate vocally, have audio illustrations, send text, tab, and Standard music notation, and show visual examples in real time, in the comfort of your own home. Everything else about these lessons should occur in the same fashion as private lessons.

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What you would need:
A computer with an Internet connection (DSL, or Cable, maybe satellite, but I have never tried it)
The free Downloadable software installed and functioning.
A web cam and a microphone (web cams can be bought with mics included for as little as $20 that work fine)

  • What you will need to do:
  • Install all software and set up an AIM account (free) so it is ready to use.
  • Install the web cam and microphone and make sure they are functioning properly
  • Email: Brodericklessons@yahoo.com to set up a lessons time and test your system.

Lessons are $40 a half hour, and can be made using any major credit card or through Paypal.

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