Guitars: A few Ibanez 7321 and 1527 7 string guitars with Bare Knuckle pickups in the bridge and neck position. I prefer those pickups because the custom is loud and has more note projection than any other pickup I've heard. An Ibanez 7 string acoustic, which is pretty cool, for adding those extra low notes on an instrument that most people don't have. One individually built Edward Victor Classical guitar, with Brazilian Rosewood and European Spruce. A Fender American Deluxe strat (when I got the blues) A double neck guitar I built for doing the 2 handed tapping stuff.

Amplification: ENGL Powerball Head into a Vintage 30 4x12 amp cabinet, but I think I am going to get some greenback Celestions for my cab I tried them out and they sound great with the Powerball. In my opinion the ENGL Powerball is the meanest sounding most versatile amp you can buy, with a great clean channel as well as the awesome distortion channels.

Pickups: DiMARZIO

Effects: Currently I am using a Digitech studio quad, but want upgrade to an Eventide Eclipse or T.C Gforce unit. Although not used on any of my CD's I have a Roland GR-33 which is an awesome musical tool.

Strings:Ernie Ball

Recording: I record using Sonar 4 Producer edition with a Delta 1010 audio card & a Mackie 1604 mixing board.

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